Saturday, 9 June 2018

WIP: Space Wolves intercessors

The first two
I've achieved more than I expected so far this year. Despite some initial setbacks, I've managed to be reasonably productive. These models are, in a sense, illustrative of that, being one of several projects I've made satisfactory progress on to date. In my last blog, a few months ago, I mentioned that I had several targets in mind for the coming year. One of them was to start putting together a very small force of Space Wolves, using the new 'primaris' space marine range. In this blog post, I'll introduce you to the first two models I've finished.

The goal is for this to very much be a painter's army. It will be small in number, but high (by my standards) in quality. None of them are going to win any painting competitions on their own, but the overall standard of the force as a whole should ultimately be something I'm proud of. So far, so good.

The first two intercessors, including the sqaud sergeant (left)

The first two models are for a squad of 'intercessors'. These seem, to me, like the primaris version of a regular space marine tactical squad (but taller!). The models themselves are from the Dark Millenium starter set. I've made a couple of small changes to each one; namely that I've filed off the sculpted-on shoulder pads and replaced them with ones from the grey hunters set (for the squad icon on the right shoulder), and the Space Wolves upgrade sprue (for the chapter icon on the left shoulder). They're subtle tweaks, but the extra sculpted detail already gives them a slightly different profile, and adds a touch of interest. This squad will eventually have five models in it. I hope to join it with a squad of five 'hellblasters', a squad of five 'reivers', and a few miscellaneous other models, including a repulsor tank and some of the new primaris lieutenants. In future, I'll likely add some of the older style space marines to it to round it out, though apparently the Space Wolves codex book is due out soon, so I'm interested to see what other options will be in that too.

In terms of painting, the main colours are pretty standard for Space Wolves. I applied the base coats for the armour with an airbrush, then switched to a regular brush to glaze on shading and highlights.

  • Using an airbrush, undercoat with Vallejo surface primer: black (or similar)
  • Using an airbrush, apply a basecoat of The Fang.
  • Using an airbrush, apply a second basecoat of Russ Grey.
  • Using an airbrush, highlight from above with Fenrisian Grey.
  • Using a regular brush, glaze towards the shadows with layers of Doombull Brown.
  • Apply a recess shade with very thinned down Rhinox Hide.
  • Edge highlight all of the raised edges with Fenrisian Grey.
  • Apply a final edge highlight of White Scar to the highest edges.

Any battle damage is applied with very thin lines or dots of Rhinox Hide, highlighted underneath with similarly thin lines of Fenrisian Grey. The metals are all painted with non-metallic metal techniques to make them stand out a little more (which, in itself, is the biggest challenge on each piece).

I have more to add to this army, and will be doing so from time to time throughout the year. When time permits, I also intend to update you on the progress I've made on a couple of other projects too, including at least one that crept up on me somewhat unexpectedly. As I said, I've been productive...

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