Monday, 29 August 2016

SHOWCASE: Stormcast Eternal Liberator

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternal Liberator
Do you remember last July when Age of Sigmar launched and there was a free model on the front cover of White Dwarf? Well, this is that figure: a Stormcast Eternal Liberator. It's been sat on my desk for over a year and—in my 'finishing things' drive I've started of late—I've finally got around to getting him done.

Monday, 22 August 2016

WIP: Imperial Fists Legion Leviathan #2

So far, so big...
A little over a month ago, I posted a picture of my leviathan dreadnought, just after I'd assembled it. At the time, I was working on other projects and still had a fair bit to do. Since then, however, I've been able to spend a little time on him. After priming him black, I airbrushed the metals and gave him a wash of Nuln Oil before dry-brushing on some Necron Compound as an early highlight. I then picked out the yellow panels with Averland Sunset and glazed them with Agrax Earthshade and gave the whole lot another glaze of Lamenters Yellow. I used Dorn Yellow as an edge highlight. There's still more to do, especially on the siege drill arm, and the power plant on his back. After that, I get to start picking out the details. I'm still working on several other projects, but I expect to see him finished in the not too distant future. I can't wait to see him with the rest of the army.

Monday, 15 August 2016

SHOWCASE: Alpha Legion veteran tactical squad

Horus Heresy: Alpha Legion veteran tactical squad
The first models I painted this year were five veteran tactical marines for my Alpha Legion. I should probably be a bit embarrassed, therefore, that I've only just finished the squad! I tend to have a habit of starting projects, but not finishing them—hence the name of this blog. There's always something that will distract me and, before you know it, my desk is full. Well, I'm determined to make August a month for finishing things.