Monday, 30 May 2016

WIP: Imperial Fists Mk.VI tactical squad (update #1)

Imperial Fists Mk.VI tactical squad (first half)
I've done a fair few 'quick updates' lately. Given that most of them involve finished models, I'm taking this as a good sign. Today, I'm pleased to say, is no different. When I last posted about this squad, I only had two models finished for it. Well, now it has five. That puts it at half strength. I still have five more to do, and will return to it just as soon as I have the patience to clean up and assemble that much resin in one go. In the meantime, I have some orruks that need some attention. More next week...

Monday, 23 May 2016

DISCUSSION: Golden Demon 2016

Golden Demon 2016: the crowds gather to inspect the entries
We've had a week for the dust to settle now, so I thought it would be nice to revisit last weekend's Golden Demon competition at WarhammerFest. This year it was held in my home city of Coventry. I didn't go to the last one, so it was a nice opportunity to see the changed format (it used to run over a single day at the NEC in Birmingham). I also entered Golden Demon for the very first time...

Monday, 16 May 2016

SHOWCASE: Nârik Dreygur, Consul-Praevian of the Iron Warriors

Nârik Dreygur, Consul-Praevian of the Iron Warriors
For the last couple of months, I've been gradually doing more and more work on this project. This is Nârik Dreygur, The Gravewalker, Strategos-Minor of the Apolakron, and Consul-Praevian of the Iron Warriors. With such a short, catchy and easily-memorable title, you'd expect a suitably imposing miniature... and this is it. This is a limited edition model, available exclusively at the events that Forge World attended last year... or to anybody, like me, who couldn't make it to the events, but found one on eBay. I loved the model when I saw it, but toyed for a while with whether it was worth getting, mainly because I don't collect Iron Warriors (but do collect their mortal enemies: the Imperial Fists). It's such a good model, however, that I eventually decided to relent. I'm glad I did. As well as being a joy to paint, as of yesterday, it became my first ever entry into the Golden Demon painting competition, and earned me a finalist badge for my efforts.

Monday, 9 May 2016

WIP: Alpha Legion veteran tactical squad (update #1)

Alpha Legion veteran tactical marine
with missle launcher
Another quick update today. This time it's another addition to my Alpha Legion veteran tactical squad. This guy carries the squad's heavy weapon: a Proteus pattern missile launcher. If I remember rightly from my (brief) foray into gaming in the early to mid-90s, missile launchers can be great for blowing up both tanks and infantry, depending on the type of missiles they fire. I like to think this one would be more than adequate at such a role.

In other news, my updates are weekly at the moment for good reason. While I'm still very active on the painting front, a lot of my energies are going into a very specific project. Details will be revealed next week!